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Excerpt: How To Materialize Your Desires

"It is desire that gives entrance to existence, and its omission closes it."

- THEN, could you tell me more about the materialization process?

It is the union of three, 'Desire-Thought-Energy', that are the building blocks of creative reality.

- What are the steps involved?

  • First of all DESIRE! Literally make it a BURNING desire.
    It is this stirring of 'inner fire' that will open the doors to existence.
  • Secondly use your IMAGINATION to generate THOUGHTS that will act as a carrier wave of the desire. Picture the outcome vividly. FEEL IT and see yourself within these scenes as if it were already happening and in a sense it already has.
  • Thirdly ENERGIZE those thoughts through concurrent behavior. Act in a way as if it were already part of your existence.
  • Finally let the Universe deliver. Let Go! Stay out of the way. Just allow it to happen.
- So what if the outcome turns out to be different or just seems not to happen at all?

Always remember that you are on a level that need opposites to allow experience. The only thing you have to do is choose which direction to follow and just follow it, but be clear which direction to follow. You don't get anywhere when you're not giving clear driving instructions to the cab driver.

- I'll be honest with you. Sometimes I do have doubts which way to go. What does that mean?

Doubt is a condition of being caught between two opposite forces of the same magnitude, 'Yes-No, Yes-No, Yes-No etc...' You just don't know which direction to follow, so you're stuck in the middle. Shift your Point of Focus in either direction to start a flow of action so your state of being will change into a state of doing, hence a state of having can be accomplished.

- OK, so I decide to go in one direction. Why is it that often I don't end up where I'm going?

A flow of energy is never untouched with opposite ingredients, but the direction it flows is determined by the amount of particles whose alignment predominates the others. If the ratio is 51% left vs. 49% right, it will align itself to the left direction. It is obvious its speed towards that direction would be more slowly than when the ratio was 80% vs. 20%.

Direction is determined by the flow of particles that dominates in alignment and its speed in proportion to the amount of difference (in alignment). Therefore examine if you have any thoughts that contradict this desire.
  1. Look for any adopted beliefs that are strongly held in your subconscious, which discourage that desire.
  2. Examine your feelings regarding this desire. Do you find any of them that makes you uncomfortable when related to this desire or even consider the desire appalling.
  3. Find those opposite intentions and embrace them. Absorb their energy by acknowledging that you understand you have them due to your dualistic nature of being and align them to become part of your new desire.
- OK, and than what?

The moment you announce your desire, do not focus on it any longer. Merely release opposite thoughts, those that block or hinder it from coming into existence.

- How fast can I see the results?

The speed of materialization of a desire is determined by the lack of 'counter thoughts' and not by a continuous focus. Your direction has already been established, so affirmations and other disciplinary focus drills are a pure waste of time and are more delaying the process than speeding it up. When you constantly repeat to the cab driver where you want to go, he probably would stop the car and strongly advise you to get out. So the more you focus on the outcome, the more it will charge the opposite.

- Do I need discipline?

Discipline concerns only those who believe they 'need' it. Those are the ones who wish to believe that goals can only be reached by force and indurations and not by simply having fun doing it. Of course we don't mean that you do not have to follow up on your desire, for your actions feed the carrier to deliver your wishes, but you don't have to put force into it. Just let it happen and flow with the stream.
Keep in mind... "if it ain't easy, it ain't yours".

- How can I do this right. Is there a trick?

The 'trick' is to focus without actually focusing. Why should you constantly think of it? Wouldn't that prove that you don't have enough faith, not enough trust? And these counter thoughts and feelings will be part of the delivery as well. How would you feel when somebody is constantly repeating the same old story over and over again? Wouldn't you be fed up and turn away? So don't constantly THINK of it. Instead just occupy yourself in DOING it!

- But sometimes it's hard not to allow doubts into your mind.

The Universe does nothing else than respond and if you doubt the outcome it responds accordingly. So let go and allow it to happen. Let the universe take care of it. It always delivers, but you can accelerate the delivery time by just getting out of the way. Release those thoughts that are contrary to the direction you wish to follow and do not constantly emphasize your goal through repetitive affirmations. Remember, things you really desire are already yours and present. You only have to 'see' them as being present to allow them to surface.

- Is there a trick to see it as being present?

The 'trick' is not to FORCE things to happen, but to ALLOW them to happen. Your desire ignites the events to awaken and from that moment on they are already happening, although it seems they are not, due to your distorted sense of time which prevents you to see it from happening immediately. Trust your own power of creation that things are set in motion and eager to appear into your level of awareness, IF YOU JUST LET THEM!

- So what should I do? Nothing?

You are not capable of doing 'nothing', although it might look that way. Even when you are in a resting state, you are actually in a state of doing. Your energy patterns are still moving. Your mind is thinking and your body molecules are forever changing. Resting could be compared as wobbling a rocking chair. A lot of motion, but no progress in either direction.

But back to your question, the rule is: 'Don't overdo it!'

It is fine to dream along the path of your desire, for that keeps the inner fire burning, but there is no need for self-denial, self-inflicting rituals, mechanical affirmations, repetitions, mantra's, tantra’s, sacrifices or whatever mumbo jumbo. Just have FAITH!

TRUST that the outcome will be that what you have desired.

Follow the directions given and you WILL create your wish come true.

* * *

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