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The Truth is not "out there"...
It's there where it always has been... INSIDE us!

It might look strange when life hits us as a being and we wake up as a crying child facing the first impressions inside a body. Nonetheless it is what we have done, the moment we enter the game called "Life".

Life seems to be a "variable scale of motion".
At the bottom of the scale we have a zero motion, called "death", towards non-existence. At the top of the scale we have "infinity" towards all-existence. Motion seems to be the keyword!
When we are in motion, it appears we are alive; when we don't, people assume we've stepped out of the game and are no longer part of it.

Look at the motion level of people who are depressed or in an area of apathy (near death)... They don't MOVE much, now do they?

There seems to be two major kind of motions... We have motions that are generated by the environment ("outer motions"), and we have motions that are generated by ourselves ("inner emotions"). The "inner emotions" are broadly known as "e-motions". The trick is, in any environment, to look for compatibility in "motions".

When we encounter a situation that our environmental motions are totally misaligned with our own e-motions, we normally wind up in trouble. Our own directions are not synchronizing with theirs and in that manner they would collapse resulting into a problem! A problem could be defined as "a condition where forces are met in opposite direction".

Now how do we solve this...?

We have five options. Either we can Attack, Flee, Avoid, Neglect or Succumb to the problem. It's all up to us. Whatever our decision may be, we have to solve it, one way or the other! The major question is... which decision would make us more comfortable and gives us the feeling of being at cause, and which decision would make us feel more sorrow and at effect! Our decision is the fabric of our future. It will create our reality to come. It is not our genes, our family or who or whatever we could point our finger to... It is our decision and ours only!

This knowledge is our freedom but unfortunately for many amongst us, it is considered to be a burden preferable to be carried by others rather than by ourselves.

But look at the beauty of it..... When we know that reality and our future is actually based on our decisions in present time, it makes life much more easy to experience. Just make decisions based on what we WANT, instead of matching them with our environment. Of course if our environment is so deranged that our decision is totally out of sync with theirs, we might consider a change of environment. On the other hand if our environment is mostly aligned with our reality, we would have a strong potential to make our point of view a success and to share it for the mutual benefit with those aligned. This will result in a more pleasurable way of living with everyone being part of that environment.

Life does not have to be complex at all. It is only complex for those who are lost and have totally given up the idea of being capable to understand it and so they are looking for answers outside their own. However... the truth has never been "out there". It is there where it always has been... INSIDE us! We only have to be aware of it, instead of being afraid of it.

We were raised to keep standing on our feet, which is rewarded as success. We were not trained to FALL! Because falling is in general associated with loss and degradation. It is interesting that in JUDO the first lessons we get is "How to FALL". In order to "walk" we must be familiar with "falling". "Falling" is just part of our experience to enable us to "walk", so both experiences are necessary to learn our "walk of life".

So let us no be afraid to fall or fail when we try to progress. It is the FEAR of failure that makes us fail and not the fall. In order to WIN we must be able to LOSE and from that point of view... every LOSS is a GAIN! Every step we make, we must be able to lose it in order to make another one, but these steps we'll lose will gain direction toward our goal, whatever that might be.

So may our journey not only be a pleasant one, but also something to be worthwhile remembering.

- Max DeJong, author of "THEN - The Inner Dialogues"

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