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How to partner up with your subsconscious?

Here is a question from someone I am willing to share with you.

Do keep in mind that my answers are related to my personal awareness only and should not be considered as THE truth, for that depends entirely on your own point of view. However my point of view might be helpful to find YOURS or to stimulate your awareness to give you the answers to comprehend your life experiences.

I hope it will be of some use to you.

"How can you determine if your subconsciousness has other plans than your consciousness and how can you influence your subconscious to follow your will? For example, how can I influence the outcome of my exams by influencing my subconscious to be more aligned with my consciousness to generate a higher score?"

In my opinion, you shouldn't, otherwise there was no need to invent a subconscious in the first place. On our human level of experience the subconscious was created for a reason. Besides operating as a liaison between your super-conscious and your conscious and to act as a projector to cast your inner desires and thoughts into the realm we call 'physical reality' (which in turn will be viewed and experienced by our consciousness), it also stimulates the distance between 'knowing' and 'not-knowing' to accommodate the surprise factor for reasons of experience.

Remember... the subconscious does not seem to have a 'will of its own', meaning it does not judge what kind of images to produce or project or which emotions to generate and which not. It acts on a stimulus and responds accordingly. In other words ... it just does what it does.

Does that mean we should be totally effect of its behavior, being the producer of our daily experiences?

No, absolutely not! Your subconscious is the producer, but not necessarily the director!

When we are aware of the screen around us, we can decide on a conscious level if these pictures are to our liking or not. When we don't like the scene, we can choose to change the outcome by active participation to allow a different outcome to arise. It does not have to mean we should go into protest, for that would in general 'harden' the condition, but we might consider to offer alternatives to experience events more aligned to what we want.

For example, if you have a disagreement with your partner, you could either 'harden' the condition by starting a quarrel, or you could settle for a compromise, acceptable for both parties involved. You could even decide to make a choice in favor of the other party, as long as your freewill has not been compromised. Of course if one or neither party is willing to compromise, you could at least agree to leave it 'as is' and go your own way. The keys are 'respect', 'understanding' and 'agreement', for that is in essence 'consensus reality'.

Now, in your case we're talking about a partnership between the conscious and the subconscious. They seem not always 'in sync' with each other. What to do?

First of all try to understand that 'TO BE CAUSE' does not mean you always have to emphasize that you are 'RIGHT' or always want to 'CONTROL' the outcome. The universe around us is 'EFFECT'. It is the result of our inner projections and still it is considered as 'CAUSE', for we have deluded ourselves that the universe was already there without any contribution from us or even worse... created by external sources more powerful than us and so we consider ourselves pawns, subjected by its whims and are dogmatized 'to live with it'.


The moment you understand that we are co-creators of this universe, we are gaining more understanding that we are causing the course of its existence and therefore we can change it into a course more suitable to our desires. From that moment on we still can experience its effects on us, only now it has become a 'WILLINGLY EFFECT'.

THEN once said "The highest cause in this universe is the ability to be effect".

Now although I can only grasp a glimpse of its meaning, I do understand that the only way to experience, is to be able to undergo the effects of the environment you are in, which you have (co)created. So the question is rather 'am I WILLING to experience' and 'am I WILLING to be effect'?

Now I have questioned myself many times whether I should find ways to influence my journey, my path or whatever you like to refer to it, by manipulating my subconscious. Should I make use of all kinds of disciplines, self-hypnotics or even outside sources to be able to manipulate the manipulator (my subconscious) in order to 'control' the outcome?

My answer was given by THEN and I quote:

(From THEN - The Inner Dialogues, Volume I - The Dialogues)

-begin quote-

"... So what is my first lesson?"
To BE human.

"To be human? How do you mean?"
You are here because you have chosen to enter a reality level with certain restrictions in abilities and perceptions, all for the sake of experience. This of course would require the use of a restricted vehicle so to speak, e.g. a body and mind. This would allow human level experiences caused by the use of one’s own decisions and desires, initiated through free will.

"OK, if my first lesson is to be human, what is the second one?"
To ACT like one.

"Seems to me there’s no other way! I AM human, so what do you mean by that?"
As said, due to 3rd level restrictions, you might be tempted to invoke sources or forces beyond the human realm in order to ‘shortcut’ your state of progress. This would distort your natural progress as a human being and as such would victimize you by making you addictive and dependable to those forces outside your own.

-end quote-

So how can I influence my subconscious in such a way that the outcome would be more to my liking without distorting my natural progress in being human?

Let's see what THEN has to say...

(From THEN - The Inner Dialogues, Volume I - The Dialogues)

-begin quote-

"Is there a third lesson?"
To learn, enjoy and share that which you have received through your actions.

"Is that it? Are these all the lessons here?"
Basically that is all you need.

-end quote-

So what I do is NOT to restrict my subconscious or FORCE it to manipulate its outcome, but follow a more 'natural' way. I try to become more consciously aware of my choices in what to experience, by giving enough leeway to my subconscious to project the variables of the outcome, for that is the main reason why we are here... TO EXPERIENCE! and USE that experience to LEARN from it, to ENJOY it and to SHARE it.

If I don't like the outcome..., instead of waiving it as part of the whims of the universe, I will look at my inner motives, my intentions, my desires in order to comprehend what have created the experience and in so doing LEARN from it and to prevent the same thing from happening again. Also keep in mind that experiences that looks to be in your disadvantage, are not always what they seem.

I myself have encountered many 'unfortunate' surprises in my life, which at that moment seemed it had no frame of reference whatsoever. However years later it wasn't enigmatic any longer, when I realized the pieces just had fallen in the right place and at the right time. During that event, my window of perception just didn't reach the level to access this data and therefore it 'felt' like a coincidence.

THEN says: "The rock upon which many people meet shipwreck is the failure to connect their own thoughts with the conditions they are living in."

So how to cope with your subconsciousness?
  • Learn from the 'whims' of your subconscious when it is projecting your own desires and thoughts on the physical screen of experience and see the foolishness of your own disagreement when it is not to your liking.
  • Enjoy it! Yes, although it may seem not to your liking, it is still your creation and have a good laugh. Don't be serious about it. Realize, it was meant to be experienced, to enable your progress in learning and to raise your awareness level.
  • Share it with your consciousness, so it can learn from it until it recognizes its own power to generate desires and thoughts to produce another outcome, by feeding new patterns to your subconscious.
In my opinion this is an efficient way to influence your subconscious to do, what you want it to do, without interrupting its natural way of expression. Not by tricking it to force another outcome, but to allow it to adapt to new desires and thought patterns given by your consciousness, every time your consciousness learns to become more aware of its own creatorship and its power of freewill.

So to answer your question about how to influence the outcome of your exams by influencing your subconscious to generate a higher score.... I can only endorse what THEN has stated:

"Trust that the outcome will be that what you have desired."


- Max DeJong (author of THEN - The Inner Dialogues)

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