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  1. The Truth is not out there...
  2. Your basic goal in life
  3. Learning to be yourself again
  4. Those who can not love... want power
  5. A real master never SHOWS he is one. He just IS !
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  7. The real battle is fought inside
  8. Regarding relationships...
  9. Coincidence... an accident or arrangement?
  10. How to partner up with your subsconscious?
  11. Discussing Politics and Religion
  12. A letter to a friend II

Your basic goal in life

No matter who you are, what you do or what you have, you have a basic goal in life which is specific to each one of us.

Failing to know what that goal is will make you liable to loop into life's birth/death cycle and karma has nothing to do with it.

This goal was setup by you, and you only, before the beginning of life's first entrance and has been dormant since then.

Your goal is your glue to the energy field of life and keeps you attached to this phenomenon.

The moment you know, it will snaps you out and you will be free to pursue, change or dismiss any part of it. Life can no longer chain you into its cycle.

From that moment on, you can experience life as it is... not just a playground for fools who are trying to act the best they can... for you are no longer one of them.

For the first time you understand the true feeling of freedom. The awareness that things happen only by choice. The realization that your thoughts are the modus operandi and that you are one with life only by agreement.

So when you are down and out and life seems like a bitch, realize that it is you that has created this situation and it is you that boost the environment to act upon in this manner. But it is also you that can change it with just a single thought.

Life is energy and so are you. Thoughts are generated particles that fill life's energy sources and so life became part of you.

So no matter who you are, what you do or what you have, everything you experience in life is what you have energized with your own thoughts. Knowing this is your beginning to a new way of experience!

Life IS potent, but the best thing is... YOU ARE EVEN MORE!

- Max DeJong, author of "THEN - The Inner Dialogues"

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