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  1. The Truth is not out there...
  2. Your basic goal in life
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  4. Those who can not love... want power
  5. A real master never SHOWS he is one. He just IS !
  6. An open letter to a friend: This Universe...
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  12. A letter to a friend II

An open letter to a friend: This Universe

This universe was founded on a variable scale of opposing forces. It seeks to exist by feeding itself with thoughts generated by any source entering its premises and thus creating a huge Potential of opposing ideas (thoughts) to sustain the illusion of experience. Out of this Pool of potentials it provides a universal screen that reflects our mind and brings it into existence to enable us to experience our own thoughts by limiting our original knowledge about ourselves.

We have been stripped off from our origins and awareness, in order to be able to experience. For example, to experience a sensation, you must create the illusion that you do not know the sensation to begin with, otherwise it would be impossible to learn from it, to enjoy it or even to share it. So it seems we have "lowered" ourselves to a degree of unfamiliarity with who, what, where and why we are. This creates an optimal playground for experience and from that point of view "ignorance is bliss".

Unfortunately the Game got out of hands and the original intention to just experience out of fun has turned into a Game of Power and for most hu-mans a nightmare. These so-called "Game makers" found out how to make use of this illusionary system capable of generating a phenomenon called "reality" (definition: "a condition or existence commonly agreed upon") and abuse this playground by manipulating the "stripped off" players by convincing them to agree to follow sources outside their own (e.g. gods, gurus, masters etc.) and to accept them as their spiritual leaders instead of following their own origins.

This manipulation was setup in such away that it became part of our education and finally into our way of thinking. Religion, politics, economy and so on..., are only variations derived from the same source to derange people. They let people defocus on their own origins and force them to focus on the illusion that they were descendants of god(s), entities with power beyond their imagination and that they should listen and follow their commands in order to earn their approval and consent, which would ulimately lead to eternal bliss in paradise where they could live forever (funny when you are already immortal :-).

Unless they did not oblige, which would release the wrath of these potentates resulting in eternal condemnation in some kind of hell where they would burn for all eternity. This emanated fear added more Chaos than Order and the facts speak for themselves when you look around. Therefore people tend to obsessively follow rules, protocols, directions, churches, politicians, yes anything or anyone that might guarantee their survival in this life (the 'just-to-be-safe' feeling).

In order to re-cycle players (after all... the show must go on), people were scared to death about "death"! For death was a natural way to step out of the game, where you could release your body vehicle and were able to choose another game experience at will. Although they could not change the rules about this "exit", they could however change people's minds about it; that it was something to be feared.

You were conditioned to believe you had to go to some sort of Bookkeeper who had written all your sins and you were judged according to these, either for hell or heaven. Even "death" was represented as eternal darkness where beings are no longer capable of living. So people cling to their lives and do everything within their power to STAY alive, for they have been given the illusion that this life is all there is and "death" would take it all away. They don't want to lose their loved ones, possessions, status or anything that gives them the identity of being part of the living and so they gladly follow the rules of the "Game makers" and no longer of the originally Game which was initially setup only for fun and learning.

Another trick to re-cycle players was the introduction of "Karma" or "Ouroborus" (snake that bites in his own tail, representing eternal life cycles). When you are conditioned in believing that you have to return to this earthly plane in order to "clean up" your previous sins by doing penance in the following life, you are bound to return, and of course you would "sin" again, for the Messiah himself allegedly has said... "there is no-one without sin", so you are doomed to bite your own tail again and keep coming back trying to redeem yourself over and over again.

The Hebrew word of "sin" literally means "missing the goal". Then the question should obviously be "Whose goal?"

When the "Game makers" are setting up these goals, they're gonna make sure you will never reach YOURS! These goals were made to follow THEIR rules and not of the original Game and so these Game makers (or "gods" if you like) will keep representing themselves as the highest among the highest with only one intention... and that is to keep their Game going by letting you re-cycle this life over and over again, until you have no awareness of origin left and become one with the universe on a negative scale: MATTER!

But as powerless as it may seem, it is all an illusion!

The only way their show can go on, is to let you BELIEVE that this is true. That you are only a body, powered by a stripped DNA (only 3% of our DNA programs are active, 97% are commented out!) with a built-in computer, functioning as your brain, and a heart that pumps merely for a limit of time and that during that limited time your only chance to (re)gain eternal life is when you are bowing to their rules, represented by all the machineries they have invented here through religion, politics, economics, and above all... money! All these are meant to distract you from the "real" thing, which of course IS YOU!

You are Source! You are part of this illusion we call "Life". You have contributed your thoughts, desires and ideas into this big pool of potential we call the Universe.

You are here to experience your OWN thoughts, ideas, desires and goals and to share them with those who are in sync with yours. You are not here to import third-party ideas and carry them out, for that will feed only their concepts and not yours. Doing so would lead you away from your own goals and in the end you're only left with the remnants of your own frustrations.

Happiness can only be reached when:

  • you ARE what you LIKE to be
  • you DO what you LIKE to do
  • you HAVE what you LIKE to have
All other options are the way of the fool and not of the wise.

The apostle Paul must have had great insight when he wrote:

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]."
- Ephesians 6:12

We are in this Game to learn, to enjoy and to share. We are not here to get out! (although sometimes you might wonder), but rather to experience this plane of existence according to our initial agreement. So the better we learn the rules of this Game, the better we are armed against "suffering" and "against the rulers of the darkness of this world" a.k.a. the "Game makers".

Of course there are ways of GETTING OUT. The natural way is through physical death. However, getting out through unnatural means, would in general signify an escape from this reality and that would prove we lack confront and are actually in fear and have learned nothing at all. This will trigger the recycling process (ourobouros) and we'll have to do it all over again. Those were the basic rules we have agreed upon (but obviously forgotten) in order to allow ourselves to enter this Game called "Life".

There are those who can enter and leave this Game, but not out of free will, and there are those who do not even KNOW they are in a Game, so they are doomed to dwell in it forever.

Remember, basically we are all just alike... immortals, so isn't it about time we act like ones?

Until we meet again.


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