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Coincidence... an accident or arrangement?

I myself do not believe in 'coincidences'. I think of them more as 'coinciding incidences'.

Carl Jung described this phenomenon as 'synchronicity' and I quote:

"Meaningful coincidences are unthinkable as pure chance--the more they multiply and the greater and more exact the correspondence is...they can no longer be regarded as pure chance, but, for the lack of a causal explanation, have to be thought of as meaningful arrangements."

I believe every incident we encounter in life is of causal nature, albeit on a level veiled from our perceptive faculties. Thought, just like everything else, has its own unique wavelength and is therefore part of the consensus reality we experience. The fact we can not see or feel this wavelength within the limited scope of our senses, does not mean it is not present. Actually every action can be traced back to a thought that initiated it and so every condition is prefixed by a thought or collection of thoughts. Now ask yourself... where do all these thoughts go? How do they behave when they meet other thoughts of similar or dissimilar wavelengths?

IMO all these thoughts are 'collected' in a huge pool of probabilities where the law of attraction cluster thoughts with similar orientation and dismiss those that are not aligned, unless of course it is within the thought itself to attract these opposites. As I see it, 'thought' is just a postulate which carries the intension of the initiator and looks for a match to comply with its desire to unite. Out of this union probabilities will be activated, resulting in conditions to be experienced on a physical level and as Jung so eloquently commented, "they can no longer be regarded as pure chance, but, for the lack of a causal explanation, have to be thought of as meaningful arrangements."

I myself have encountered so many 'surprises' in my life, that seemed to have no frame of reference whatsoever at that moment. However years later, it wasn't so enigmatic anymore, when I realized the pieces just had fallen into the right places and at the right time. Before that event, my window of perception was not able to reach that level of cognition, hence it was assumed to be just a 'coincidence'.

The rock upon which many people meet shipwreck is the failure to connect their own thoughts with the conditions they are living in.

For example, if you drop a pebble into a pond, what happens?

The stone sinks -- there's motion in one direction; then, ripples spread out at right angles from that direction. So the initial action caused the MAIN effect and a SIDE effect.

Your desire and focus will determine which effect you will encounter, but both effects are probabilities to occur. When people are too much occupied on focusing on the side effects alone, they will persuade themselves that those side effects are actually the cause for the experience they encounter, or others might think the main effect had to be the prime source for these side effects to occur, but in actuality both effects could not have happened without the plunge of their own pebble.

We all can make choices based on freewill, which ultimately lead us to those experiences we enkindle. Because of that it is imperative to assess which choices to make, for it determines our future.

There is a gem of advice given in one of Harry Potter's movies that undersets the above:

"It's not just your talents that make you who you are, Harry. It's your CHOICES."

So may you make the best choices ever, by choosing the ones which arise from the only well you're permitted to drink: YOU!

- Max DeJong, author of "THEN - The Inner Dialogues"

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